Build the foundation to turbochange your life!Build the foundation to turbochange your life!
Build the foundation to turbochange your life!
Maedie lost half her body fat — at age 50!
The key to her success? It wasn’t marathon workouts (she only exercised about 6 hours the entire week). It wasn’t drastic diets. It wasn’t pills, surgery, or gimmicks (none of them can do what you can do for yourself). She didn’t have to quit her job or abandon her family.

She set a goal. She followed a plan.

That’s right. A simple, achievable, measurable, tangible goal. She put it in writing and said it out loud — she wanted to lose 50% of her body fat. Week by week, with Chalene Johnson’s guided program, she took on the mindset and developed the skills of the successfully fit. It wasn’t always easy, but she followed a formula for success (on page 25 of PUSH) and some of the quick exercise routines (featured on page 211) that fired up her fat burners.

With Chalene’s plan, Maedie found it impossible to fail. By the time she hit her goal, not only had she lost MORE than 50% of her body fat, but you would swear she looks 10 years younger!

Thank you, Maedie, for inspiring us all! For details on how Maedie and millions of others have achieved their dreams with Chalene’s guidance and skills, CLICK HERE and get your 21-Day Free Trial of PUSH.
Lose weight, gain unstoppable energy, and achieve your dreams!
For the next 30 days, Chalene will help you build the unbreakable habits that can turbocharge every aspect of your life — your career, your workouts, your love life — AND burn off half your body fat!

Day by day, Chalene will help you focus your immense talents. She’ll help you figure out who you are, what’s important to you, what gives you joy, what you want, and why you want it. Then you will develop new skills and habits, in as little as 10 minutes a day, that will help you achieve any goal you set! Want to lose 10 or even 100 pounds? How about take more control of your finances? Strengthen your marriage? No matter what goal you set, you’ll see results almost immediately! The successful, unbreakable habits you create with PUSH will not only help you shed pounds but also help you create the life you’ve always dreamed of!

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The #1 way to improve your physical energy, mental stamina, work performance, focus, and ability to cope with stress

  Why 80% of your fitness success won’t come from working out

  How to turn your to-do list from a mere organizing activity into the engine that drives and transforms you for success and fitness

  How to trigger yourself to think positive thoughts when obstacles come to mind. Learn four simple steps that train your brain for success.

  The four qualities of friends who can help you succeed

  How to rejuvenate a fading relationship

  The exact phrase to say when the next person asks you to volunteer for a project

  How to make failure impossible. Learn 11 safety nets that keep you from backsliding.

  The simple phrase that can keep you going when you get down — and the guilt-free response for when you slip up.

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